The achievement of a guaranteed quality final product implies that both the raw and additional materials are under control from their origin and that they fulfil the requirements that the suppliers are demanded.


A process that started on the farm is completed by a strict technical-sanitary control applied on every stage of the transformation, which results in the fact that La Comarca products are healthy and liable.


The standarized procedure in the various stages of elaboration allows for achieving the products according to the classification and selection criteria required by the market, which guarantees the hygiene and quality control in all the processes.


To achieve the final product which the quality guarantee Grupo Alimentario de Lorca, the raw material must be monitored from its origin and comply with the most demanding requirements established by the market.


The cattle, both pork and beef, from which it is provided with comes from its own farms, most of them located in the region of Murcia. Its cattle breeders, engaged in obtaining safe and quality products, have implemented control systems which ensure suitable feeding and proper use, paying special attention to the welfare of the animals and respect for the environment.


The exhaustive technical- sanitary control and animal welfare involved in all the stages of transformation of the meat is another strategic value that completes a process that was firstly started on the farm and will end at the customers’ selling points.

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