The headquarters of the corporation Grupo Alimentario de Lorca S.L. is located in Lorca, capital city of the region of the Guadalentín, which is a strategic point between the East and the South coast of the peninsula, where a rooted cattle breeding tradition and culture are outstanding since several centuries ago. It is a company that holds wide experience in the meat sector and its main activities are the procurement and commercialisation of both fresh and processed meat products from pork and beef.


Under the label of La Comarca, its products are commercialized in both national and international markets, exporting to several countries from the five continents.

For meeting the needs of The Canary Island archipelago, it has its own facilities at Mercalaspalmas, from where all the range of products are distributed to the markets of the Islas Afortunadas for this purpose, the company counts on a highly-experienced team in the sector.


One of the main strengths of Grupo Alimentario de Lorca S.L. is our human team, which at present is made up of over 200 people and is ready to meet the market needs. All the areas of the comapany, from production to subsequent distribution of the products ready to be consumed, are run by qualified professionals who have an extensive experience, which guarantees top final results and suitable customer care.


At present, Grupo Alimentario de Lorca is going through a new development stage, which has its starting point at the building of new facilities. Thanks to this new plant, the present productive capacity is expected to treble and thus, be definitely positioned in the international business.

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