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This legal notice applies to the use of the website, which is placed at your disposal by the entity responsible for the web site whose identifying details are:



To which we can refer as “the Company” below.

Browsing the Company web site attributes the condition of user and implies the total acceptance and with no reserves of each and every provision included in this legal notice, which might be amended.

The user is obliged to do a correct use of the web site according to the laws, good faith, public order, the uses of traffic and this legal notice. The user will be responsible for any damages that might be caused as a consequence of the unfulfilment of the above obligation.




The web site and its services are of free access and charge, nevertheless, the Company makes the use of some services offered on its web site conditional on the prior filling out of the corresponding form. The user guarantees the authenticity and updating of all the details given to the Company and will be the only responsible one for the inaccurate and wrong statements submitted.

The user deliberately commits himself / herself to put the contents and services of the Company to suitable use and not use them for the below, among others:

    1. Spreading criminal, violent, pornographic, racist, xenophobic, offensive, in support of terrorism or, in general, contrary to the law or public order contents.
    2. Introducing computer virus on the web of achieving performances  which might be capable of altering, damaging, disrupting or generating errors or damages in the electronic documents, data or physical or logic systems of the Company or of third parties; as well as hindering the access of other users to the web site and its services through the massive use of the computer resources through which the Company gives its services.
    3. Trying to access other users’ e-mail accounts or restricted areas of the computer systems of the Company or of third parties, and thus, extract information.
    4. Violating either intellectual property or patent rights, as well as not breaching the confidentiality of the information about the Company or third parties.
    5. Impersonating another user’s identity, civil services or other third parties.
    6. Reproducing, copying, distributing, offering or somehow publicly conveying, amending or modifying the contents, unless it is allowed by the owner of the corresponding rights or it is legally permitted.
    7. Gathering data with the purpose of advertising and referring any kind of advertising and communication with the aim of selling or other commercial nature without prior request or consent.

All the contents of the web site, like texts, photographs, graphics, images, icons, technology, software as well as its graphic design and font codes form a work which belongs to their respective owners and none of the exploration rights about all of the above cannot be understood to be handed over to the user beyond what is strictly necessary for the correct use of the web site.

In short, this web site users can view the contents and, where appropriate make private authorised copies as long as the elements reproduced are not to be subsequently transferred to third parties, or are installed to servers connected to nets of are object of any kind of exploitation.

Furthermore, all the brands, commercial names or distinctive signs of any kind which appear on the web site are property of their respective owners and the owner cannot be understood to have any right on them for using or accusing the above web site.

Distribution, alteration, cession or public communication of the contents or any other actions which has not been deliberately authorised by the owner of the exploitation rights are prohibited.

The inclusion of a hyperlink does not involve in any case the existence of connections between the Company and the owner of the web site in which it is inserted or the acceptance or approval of its contents or services from the Company. Those people who intend to insert a hyperlink will have to previously request authorisation in writing to the Company. In any case, the hyperlink will only allow the access to the homepage of our website, likewise it will have to refrain from making false or inexact statements or suggestions about the Company or including illicit contents, contrary to good habits and public order.

The company is not responsible of the use which each user makes of the materials available on this web site or the actions achieved basing on them.




The content of this website is of general nature and its aim is merely informative, and neither the access to all the contents, exhaustiveness, editing, validity or updating, or suitability of usefulness for a specific aim are not guaranteed.

The Company excludes, according to the legal system, any responsibility for the damages of any nature derived from:

    1. The impossibility of accessing the web site or the lack of veracity, thoroughness, exhaustiveness and / or updating of the contents, as well as the existence of errors and defects of  any kind of the transmitted, spread, stored, available contents, which have been accessed through our website or the services offered.
    2. The presence of virus or other elements in the contents that might alter the computer systems, electronic documents or users’ details.
    3. Failure to fulfill the laws, good faith, public order, uses of traffic and this legal notice as a consequence of an incorrect  use of the web site. In particular, and as and illustrative example, the Company will not be responsible for third parties’ actions which might violate the intellectual and patent rights, the right to honor, the right to personal and the right to personal and family and to the own image.

Additionally, the Company declines any kind of responsibility on the information which might  exist out of this web site and is not directly managed by our website administrator. The purpose of the links which appear on this web site is exclusively to inform the user on the existence of other sources capable of extending the contents offered in this web site.




In the event that any user or a third party considers that there are facts or circumstances which reveal the illicit nature of the use of any content and/or the performance of any activity of the web pages included or accessible through the web site, he/she must send a notification to in which he/she will duly identify him/herself and state the supposed infractions and expressly declare and under his / her responsibility that the information supplied in the notification is exact.

For every litigious issue which might involve the web site of the Company the Spanish Laws will be applicable, and being the competent Courts and Magistrate Courts of the registered address of the Company.




All the notifications and communications between the users will be considered efficient, to all intents and purposes, when they are made through postal mail, electronic mail or telephone communication. The users will have to address the Company through any of the means included at the start of this legal notice.

This privacy policy has been updated in May 2018, thus there might be variations until the next text updating.